Happy Easter

Heeey guys!

I know it’s kind of late already I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Hope everybody had a great day!

From my family to yours








Heey everyonee!

I wanted to share my opinion and recommendation on one of Kylie Jenner’s new nail polish collection. The collection is a 20 piece collection in collaboration with Sinful Shine. These are being sold at Walmart stores in the US for $2.98 and let me tell you there’re running out fast. So, let’s take a look!


The shade I bought is called Kreme de la Kreme, it’s a gorgeous rose gold metallic very chic. Applies easily! has a fantastic formula, opaque in one coat. I extremely recommend this nail polish guys the color is stunning. Great product!

much love




How To: Color Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes

Easter is right around the corner, and when it comes to this spring holiday, dying eggs is one of our favorite childhood memories. Instead of store-bought kits and food coloring packets, let your little ones get involved in creating natural dyes from common fruits, vegetables and spices.  What You’ll Need:  • Yellow: Turmeric powder, curry powder  • Dark Purple: Red cabbage (boiled), grape juice  • Pale Blue/Lavender: Red cabbage (boiled)  • Pink: Beets (boiled)  • Red: Raspberries, pomegranate juice, cherries

Source: How To: Color Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes



I decided to make my first post a more detailed about me so you could get to know me a bit better.  Like I mentioned in my about me my name is Priscylla Olaya Gracia in this moment I’m currently 24 years old . My son’s name is Luis Humberto and he is currently 2 months 19 days old.  My husbands name is Luis Salvador, we’ve been married for 3 months now, learning new things from each other everyday. Going through the beautiful, amazing but also complicated experience of parenthood together.

Every since I graduated from high school I had been soul-career searching jumping back and forward from collages and universities changing majors. I began my college path in nursing but after going at it for two years I decided it wasn’t for me. Although I really saw my self as a nurse or a doctor and love the idea of helping -saving people, contributing to my community; I just couldn’t achieve the academic part. I believe I was to young at that time and wouldn’t take school seriously at that time. When I became pregnant everything changed and it just hit me I needed to get my act together.  I remember as I child how I would always find a way convince my cousins to play “school” just so I could be the teacher and just like that I had found my new major also helping  people and contributing to my community but just in a different way. This summer if God allows me and everything goes as plan I will be receiving my Associates in Teaching but its not my intend to stop there.

I’ve always been a big dreamer, dreaming big in every aspect of my life.